The Listing Agent

The #1 Listing Agent Program To Help You Close 10+ Listings In The Next 12 Months

The Listing Agent

Are You A realtor struggling to close more listings?

If you want a more reliable income while working less and with better clients you need to become a listing agent! Stop driving all over the state to show buyers homes, learn how to close 10+ listings in the next 12 months with live training and over 100+ hours of recorded trainings for a 1/10th the cost of traditional coaching programs. Signup for 14 day free trial with the link below

The Listing Agent Program

This is only for agents who are serious about getting more listings closed as soon as possible.

Live Listing Agent Training, CRM, ANd Recordings

Sign up today for our all-inclusive real estate mastery program, featuring a '1,000 Seller Leads For $100' Masterclass and weekly live classes held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on lead generation, appointment mastering, and lead management. Gain access to 100+ hours of expert trainings in our user-friendly online portal, a versatile CRM, and ready-to-convert landing pages, ensuring you're equipped with top-tier resources for real estate success. Experience our systematic approach, honed over 35 years, that teaches you to efficiently capture, manage, and close more listings.


Unlock the secrets to closing more real estate transactions with our comprehensive blueprint. This includes the transformative Seller Net Sheet, a detailed Listing Presentation, and effective marketing materials like postcards, letters, online ad walkthroughs and door hangers. Benefit from our precise Listing & Open House Scripts and an Accountability Sheet to track and optimize your progress, supplemented by over 10 hours of exclusive video trainings. Designed to fast-track your success in real estate without the guesswork after proving over 35 years, to help you efficiently capture, manage, and close more listings.

The Listing Agent Accelerator Bundle

Get a year of lisiting agent training, all our marketing materials plus get ourhelp implementing it all for you. Our team is dedicated to implementing all the tools you've purchased, allowing you to concentrate on selling more listings. We offer comprehensive setup services, including customizing your Seller Net Sheet with local fees and branding, creating and launching your first marketing campaign with tailored postcards and letters, and establishing a conversion-optimized seller landing page. We also provide personalized 1 on 1 CRM onboarding, setting up everything from user accounts to social media integrations, ensuring you're equipped to manage leads effectively.



Meet The Angel & Patty Hernandez Team

Angel & Patty have over 790 Reviews on Zillow with a 5 Star rating. In the last year alone, they sold over $180 million in homes resulting in almost $4 Million in commission.

They have been a top producing brokerage in Orange County California for over 35 years working specifically in their hometown of Whittier, California.

With their knowledge, excellent reputation, and community involvement in the City of Whittier they have built a real estate business that has lasted decades.

Angel and Patty started as a husband and wife Real Estate team in Whittier and expanded into an office of top producing agents servicing Orange County and the surrounding areas.

The Listing Agent Difference

Realtors discover the Insider Secrets to Becoming the Top Listing Agent in Your City.

Tired of watching so-called "gurus" on social media, claiming they can turn you into a millionaire in 90 days with their next big marketing strategy?

It's even more frustrating when these "experts" have never sold a home in their lives!

The truth is, unless you're willing to shell out thousands for coaching, finding a proven way to build a thriving real estate business based on listings can feel impossible.

That's why 20% of agents dominate 80% of the market, while the rest struggle to make ends meet.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

With over 35 years of active experience in the real estate industry, we've tried and tested every program and platform out there.

We understand the frustration of jumping between platforms, only to feel like your business is going nowhere.

We've been able to take our system and break it down into the simplest, quickest way to get listings.

We're able to take our new agents and make them look like seasoned professionals.

Our mission is to empower agents at all skill levels to build their businesses on listings, take control of their time, and create the life they've always wanted.

No fluff. No gimmicks. Just proven strategies that have already transformed ordinary agents into high six-figure earners.

Learning our system, you'll become part of our extended family and learn how to sell real estate the right way, without breaking the bank. We'll share what's working for us, right now, so you can replicate our success.

We'll provide you with exclusive tools that have helped us close thousands of deals and the expert training you need to excel in your craft.

As our strategies evolve, we'll keep you in the loop. If it doesn't work for us, we won't share it with you.

The time to act is now! Join the growing community of agents who are taking control of their businesses and becoming the #1 Listing Agents in their markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Long Term Commitment?

No! Our training is on a month to month basis. You can cancel at anytime and you can purchase our Blueprint without signing up for any monthly charges.

What If I Already Have Landing Pages And A CRM?

That's great! You don't have to use the ones we provide if you have your own. You can still take advantage of the live calls, recordings, text/email templates, blueprint and implementation to help you close more listings.

Is There Support Available Outside Of Scheduled Sessions?

Yes! You can contact us anytime by emailing or by texting/calling 562-265-3868

Can The Program Be Customized To My Specific Needs And Goals?

Yes it can! As long as you are looking to clos more listings, flips or investments we can help you achieve your goals. Ask us Angel and his team questions from the problems your facing and we'll help you create a game plan to accomplish your goals and overcome obstacles.

What Can I Expect To Gain?

You're going to discover all of the secrets you wish the top listing in your office would tell you. Everything from capturing, managing, and closing more listings, flips and investments. You will learn how to capture more leads, close more appointments, and build generational wealth and enjoying the freedom real estate has to offer.

What Is The Cancellation Or Refund Policy?

We offer a 14 day free trial then live training, CRM, and recordings for just $97 per month, you can cancel at anytime. Refunds will only be processed 3 billing days after charge. For the Blueprint no refunds are allowed once you login to the portal. For Implementation nor refunds will be process after the zoom call.

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